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Temple – Adinath Jain Temple
There are many small and huge Jain Derasar in the Jamnagar, but Shantinath temple and Adinath temple are the main Jain temple located in Chandi Bazaar area of Jamnagar. These temples were built between 1574 and 1622 thus prominent for the Jain community in surrounding area. Lord Adinath also known as Rishabhanatha is the first Jain Tirthanker and this temple is dedicated to Adinath Bhagwan. Various tales of Lord Adinath has been painted inside the temple colourfully. Around 52 small temples which were built around the main structure as observed in other Jain Derasar on world. This temple is basically in the Jain Temple complex a cluster of four Jain temples situated in Chandi Bazaar area of Jamnagar. Thus, very famous across the Jains and most sacred places to visit in Jamnagar. These four temples are dedicated to four Tirthankar, the most intricate of the complex is richly decorated Raisi Shah Temple dedicated to the 16th tirthankar Lord Shantinath. Second is the Vardhman Shah temple, dedicated to Lord Adinath, the first thirthankar of Jainism.