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Temple – Aradhana Dham
Shri Halar – Tirth Aradhanadham is situated on the bank of the Sinhan River in the Midst of the satisfying sound of the undulating rushes of water of the dam, close to the nurseries of different organic products, on the shore of the western ocean, this amazing accolade for Jainism spread more than 40 sections of land of land lining the on the Jamnagar Dwarka thruway Devbhumi Dwarka area of Gujarat, India. The serene and quiet and climate friendly complex is a brilliant illustration of Jain architecute and construction. It is a journey objective for Jain aficionados from all sides of the world. For getting genuine feelings of serenity, Jain temple and Lord Jineshwara are both extremely valuable. They are the primary help of spiritual sadhana. Realizing this Vaghjibhai chose to construct  a major sublime temple in Aradhana Dham for the People local and unfamiliar. He asked blessings from shri Mahasenvijayji Maharaj. Be that as it may, what an incredible misfortune! Pujyashri was likewise disappeared. Be that as it may, his divine power helps from Heaven in the formation of Holy Halar Tirth. In 2043 Ashadha Suda Bij establishment was laid by Vaghjibhai under the aucipicious of Acharya Dev Shrimad Vijay Pradyotansuriswarji Maharaj and Param Pujya Panyas Pravar Shri Vajrase Vijayji Maharaj.