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Temple – Ayyappa Temple
Master Ayyappa is a mainstream Hindu god, who is chiefly loved in South India. He is viewed as the embodiment of dharma, truth and honesty and is frequently called upon to destroy evil. Master Ayyappa is viewed as the leader of the universe, and in this manner ruminates close by Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Temple Story As per Puranas, Lord Ayyappa was conceived out of the association of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, when the last was in Mohini structure. Master Vishnu appeared as Mohini to have obliterated a lethal evil spirit Bhashmasur and gain the remedy (amrut) for the divine beings during the incredible stirring of seas. Rumors from far and wide suggest that Lord Shiva got influenced by the appeal of Mohini and Lord Ayyappa was brought into the world of their association. While Lord Ayyappa was as yet a minor, a woman devil had made ruin in the down south. She had got a shelter from divine beings that she must be crushed by the child conceived out of the association of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. As it occurred, Lord Ayyappa crushed her in a fight. Upon her loss, it was uncovered that the devil was really a delightful young lady who had been reviled to carry on with the existence of an evil presence. The loss set the lady free who, thusly, proposed to Lord Ayyappa. He denied saying that he had been appointed to go to backwoods and answer the supplications of fans. However, the young lady was persevering. Along these lines, Lord Ayyappa vowed to wed her the day kanni-masters (new fans) quit visiting him with their supplications at Sabarimala. The lady consented to hang tight for him at an adjoining temple. The lady is additionally adored today as Malikapurathamma at an adjoining temple.