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Temple – Baliyabapa Temple
Legend of Baliyadev or Barbrik or Khatushyamji, the most bravest Kshatriya of Mahabharata Period. Master Baliyadev or Barbarik was additional champion during the Mahabharata time. He was child of Ghatodkacha (Son of Bheem and Hidamba) and Mauravi (Daughter of Muru, ruler of Yadava) and incredible lover of Lord Shiva. He got three bolts from Asta Deva after penance of Lord Shiva; these three bolts were competent to win any conflict. First bolt could stamp object to be annihilate, second bolt could check object to save and with third bolt, he could obliterate all objectives. Lord Shree Krishna had likewise seen the capacity of Barbarik power. At that point Shree Krishna asked Barbarik, in which side he would be favor in Mahabharat war, Barbrik answered that whoever is more fragile, I would uphold as he had offered word to his mom. Ruler Shree Krishna uncovers the real outcome of his assertion to mother. Lord Shree Krishna at that point revealed to him that whichever side he supports will wind up making the opposite side more fragile because of his additional normal force. No one would have the option to beat him and in this way he will be constrained change sides to help the opposite side that has gotten more fragile because of his statement to his mom. Along these lines, in war, he will continue swing ing between different sides lastly just he would stay alive. Hence, Lord Shree Krishna keeps away from his support in the Mahabharata battle by looking for his head in cause. Barbarik comprehended the circumstance and gave his head to Lord Shree Krishna and mentioned to see the conflict of Mahabharata. Subsequently Shree Krishna puts his head on top of the slope from where he could see the Mahabharata war. After numerous year head of Barbarik was found in town Khatu where King had dream to assemble temple of Barbrik's head. This spot is in Rajasthan where Barbrik named as Khatu Shyamji. Ruler Shree Krishna was exceptionally satisfied with him and give help that any aficionado takes Barbarik Name with unadulterated heart, he will allow wish of lover. In Gujarat Barbrik is renowned as Baliya Dev and in practically all towns there should be a little or large temple of Lord Baliyadev.