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Temple – Bhadrakali Maa Mandir
The Bhadrakali Temple in Ahmedabad was believed to be built by the Marathas in the medieval India. The Bhadrakali is worshiped by its devotee to acquire prosperity and wealth. The Bhadrakali Temple is during the famous Navaratri Festival in Ahmedabad. During this time, various food fests additionally get coordinated around the temple, which is superb information for foodies. About the Temple The Temple has remained the patron of the people of Ahmedabad ever since Ahmedabad was named as Karnavati . Then this temple used to be at Manik Chowk. The temple suffered significant damage due to the subversive activities of the terrorists. In the 14th century, Ahmad Shah settled Ahmedabad, then he set up the temple outside his fort according to the wishes of his Raj Purohit, so that the mother's eyes should be on the entire city. Even today, this temple is under the care of the descendants of those royal priests.