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Temple – Badrinath

Power of Prasad
We hope the prasad turns out to be a blessing from God, after all we are sharing God's food. We have taken all precautions to make sure the prasad is offered to God and then safely packed and sent to you. Please ensure that you do not travel to the temples in these times and take all precautions possible.
Please do book and gift prasads to your near and dear ones and pray for their safety and success always. We have about 40+ temples on and many more keep adding every week. We wish ki Aapki Manokamna Poori Ho

Benefit the Locals
Tathastulive is a facilitator ensuring quality product and process are followed to bring God's blessings to your homes. We make sure that all our prasads are offered to God of the temples before delivering them.
It is our endeavour to support the temple vendors and the temples themselves whereever possible by creating e-commerce opportunities for them to make up for the losses and earn additional income during these testing times. We believe the vendors are directly or indirectly associated with the temples and thus benefitting the local shrines.
Your buying the prasad from us is also benefitting the local economy and we hope it remains that way for a long time to come.

Upon ordering you will receive a beautiful prasad box consisting of:
1 Peda Prasad
2 Billi Patra
3 Bhasma
4 Mahadev's Photo
5 Mahadev's Book
6 Raksha Black Thread
7 Laxmi Coin
8 Gujarati Panchang
9 Welcome Card