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Temple – Bhidbhanjan Mahadev Temple
Bhid Bhanjan Temple is one of the most established hallowed temples in Jamnagar, committed to Lord Shiva whose wonderfulness and shimmering pulls in lover and traveler. It is situated close to Bedi Gate, west of the city center and implicit a period where most designs were developed with bit western impact yet wonderful illustration of the Hindu architecute. This lovely temple was built during the standard of Jam Rawal, the author and first leader of Jamnagar. Bhidbhanjan Temple is the very acclaimed milestone of Jamnagar and notable for its design. Hindu-Rajput style of design reflects in every single piece of temple and displays careful carvings on the both the inside and outsides dividers alongside the column too. Silver work on the entryways is an observer the craftsmanship that is found in Jamnagar. The entryways of this temple are cut with a curve on top which makes this heavenly spot illustrious in look. The shikhara of the temple is motivated from the design of South Indian temples. Bhid Bhanjan temple is visited by heaps of local people, enthusiast and sightseers and basically during the Shravan month and on Maha Shivratri.