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Temple – Bhrigu Rishi Temple
Maharshi Bhirgu in one of the seven sages – Saptarshi, Manas Putra of Lord Brahma and one of the Prajapati. Incredible sage Bhrigu is the writer of Bhrigu Samhita – book on crystal gazing, he is otherwise called Rishi Bhargava, the dad of extraordinary Rishi Chyavan, Shukracharya, Jmadagni and granddad of Lord Parshuram, the 6th manifestation of Supreme ruler Vishnu. It is accepted that Bhrigu rishi was lived during the hour of Shree Manu, soonest time of person on earth. Because of certain explanation it said that that Rishi Bhrigu had left where he grew up, ebb and flow Haryana and migrated to Bharuch on the banks of River Narmada and arrangement the Ashram. In this manner out of appreciation for extraordinary holy person on bank of River Narmda, Bhrigu Rishi temple was built by Marathas in seventeenth century. This temple is one of the mainstream and holy temples of Gujarat, arranged on the east of the Bharuch in Dandia Bazar territory on banks of the sacrosanct waterway Narmada. Bharuch is exceptionally importance for pioneers and vacationer for Sacred River Narmada and Bhrigi Rishi temple and it is likewise said that Bharuch was initially called 'Bhrigukachchha'. Bhrigu Rushi temple is isolated into two sections, in initial segment icons of Parasurama, Bhrigu rishi, Lord Ganesh, Renuka mata and Jamadagni Rishi are set. In second part, icons of Lord Narayana, Four Vedas as Shiva Lingas and some different symbols of Dashavataras are put. It is accept that Bhrigi Rishi created around 500,000 horoscopes and recorded the forecasts of numerous individuals. These depended on the planetary places of the Sun, Moon and the planets. Anyway the first Bhrigu Sanhita and all horoscope including college library were annihilate or lost during Muslim assault in twelfth and thirteenth hundreds of years. Presently just little segment of records of Bhrigu Sanhita is accessible with Brahmin people group in a few piece of India.