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Temple – Bohra Ganesh Mandir
Bohra Ganesh Temple is about 350 years old and famous temple of Lord Ganesh in Udaipur. Here the statue is unique, facing East and in a dancing posture thousands of devotees visit this temple every week. During Ganesh Chaturthi the temple is open from midnight till early morning, and about 2-2.5 lakh devotees visit the temple. On Annakoot, post Diwali, disciples offer 'Chappan Bhog' to the deity. The god, here was initially called 'Borganesh' with his temple built at the boundary of Udaipur. It is said that anyone who writes on a slip of paper their needs like money for marriage, business etc would get their wish full-filled and they would need to return the money with interest. It is a common trust that Bohra Ganesh full-fills all Manokamnas of the devotees.