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Temple – Camp Hamuman
Blessed with godly forces, Shree Hanuman was a military head of the monkey armed force from Kiskinda, who helped Lord Rama in his mission to recover his kidnapped spouse Sita from the devil ruler Ravanna in the Hindu legendary story Ramayana, composed by the Hindu sage Valmiki. The honorable monkey warrior is abundantly cherished for his humility and wisdom, alongside his limitless strength and force. He is viewed as the epitome of selfless commitment as he never took a wife for no other could swap his adoration for Rama and Sita. When requested to go with the heavenly couple to the next world he would refuse to go as he wished to live in this one however long Rama-Sita’s name were adulated here by man. About the Temple Shree Camp Hanuman Temple is one of the greatest Hanuman temples of India. It is arranged in Ahmedabad Cantonment region in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.This temple was possessed by Smt. Lalitaben Dave and Smt. Shivagangaben Trivedi. Shri Gajanand was utilized by them to do Sewa Puja in this temple in or around 1920.In 1952 the first proprietors gave over the temple for framing an altruistic trust named Shri Hanumanji Mandir Camp Trust Ahmedabad.