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Temple – Chamunda Mata
The temple is situated on a Mountain top. It is believed according to a legend that the demons Chand and Mund had come to attack and fight the goddess Mahakali. The goddess cut their heads and offered them to MaaAmbika. The name hence derived for Mahakali as Chamundi Devi. This temple is also a self-manifested. Interestingly, a man had dreamt of an idol on the hill top and as per his dream, he went and dug the site to find the deity. The temple then was built on the hill at the same spot. Pilgrims visit during the month of Kartik, also on Poornima and seventh and eighth day of Shravan.A havan is organized during the Naratras. As per a folklore, the goddess had asked not to stay on the hill top post the evening aarti.