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Temple – Chintamani Jain Temple Surat
The temple owes its development to a Jain minister Acharya Hemachandra Ji. The Acharya was consultant to King Kumarpal who administered in Surat in the twelfth century and the temple is credited to him. He is likewise said to have encouraged King Kumarpal to fabricated the Jain tirth temples at Taranga Hills in Kheralu in Mehsana. In any case, as per sources the temple was underlying the seventeenth century during the rule of Emperor Aurangzeb. The temple isn't exactly just about as luxurious as different temples from an external perspective and has a misleadingly basic outside. Nonetheless, inside, it is an alternate matter. The inside is luxuriously enriched with perfectly cut wooden columns. The roof is a material of works of art done utilizing normal vegetable tones and they portray scenes from the existence of King Kumarpal and Acharya Hemachandraji. It is a position of journey for Jain lovers. Indeed, even customary vacationers will discover something to appreciate when they visit this old Chintamani Jain temple in Surat