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Temple – EME Temple
The name of this temple is strange; it represents the Electrical and Mechanical Corps. EME temple is otherwise called the Dakshinamurthy Temple, committed to Lord Shiva, underlying 1966 and run by Indian Army experts in the city of Vadodara. EME temple is well known among all archaeologists as this temple is one of a kind in regards to its plan, idea and Aluminium with war scrap is utilized. EME temple draws in aficionados across all the religion including Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim and Christianity. The plan and a piece of the temple incorporates the Kalash, Dome, Tower, Golden construction on the pinnacle and passage address the Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism individually. Individuals the country over from different religion and culture join Indian armed force, it is difficult to assemble spot of love for all. So Indian armed force starts the plan to construct EME temple in armed force quarter Vadodara. EME temple is best spot to visit in Vadodara for who are keen on other-worldliness, culture and patriotism.