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Temple – Grishneshwar Temple
Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga temple is one of the primary pioneer places of Hindus. The temple is totally committed to Lord Shiva. The temple is arranged in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, close to Verulgaon, 11 km from Daulatabad. Which is short of what one kilometer from Ellora caverns - Ellora Cave is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is likewise known by the name of Ghushmeshvar, Ghrshneshvar, or Grishneshvar. Jyoti Ling arranged in the Grishneshwar temple is one of the 12 Jyoti Ling of Lord Shiva and Grishneshwar is viewed as the twelfth and last Jyotirling. The temple was obliterated during the Hindu and Muslim conflicts during the thirteenth and fourteenth hundred of years by the Delhi Sultanate. During the Mughal-Maratha battle, Grishneshwar Temple was annihilated and reproduced a few times. In the sixteenth century, Maloji Bhosale of Verrol (Shivaji's granddad) again assembled the temple. The remaking of the current temple was done in the eighteenth century after the fall of the Mughal Empire, under the sponsorship of Hindu Rani Ahilyabai of Indore. The temple of Grishneshwar is an illustration of the compositional style and design of the South Indian temples. The temple was made of red stones and comprised of a five-level Shakara. This temple is the littlest Jyotirling temple in India. A court lobby has been based on 24 columns.