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Temple – Gumandev Temple
Gumandev temple of Lord Hanumanji was built around 600 years backed and named after the one businessman named Gumansinh who was saved by Lord Hanumanji. Gumandev Mandir is located near taluka place Zaghadiya of Bharuch district, around 9 km from Jhagadia and 25 km from Bharuch on Bharuch Zaghadiya highway. It is major pilgrimage center for devotee of Lord Hanumanji and specially for locals of Bharuch, Vadodara and Surat district. Lots of devotee come on foot – paddled as per their belief at temple from nearby villages, specifically on Saturday. Folk fair has been arranged by trust every year on Saturday of Shravan month and thousands of devotee and visitors takes part with devotion towards the Hanuman dada. There is also temple of Rama in adjoining building of main temple campus where continuous chanting of Ramdhun is going on. This temple campus is in the way of Narmada Parikrama, thus trust manage various service for pilgrims and monks who circulate around sacred river Narmada. It is believed that Swayambhu Hanuman Idol is placed here in temple. 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM