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Temple – Hatkeshwar Temple - Jamnagar
Jai Hatkesh is a popular greeting among Nagars, the word over. Hatak stands for Gold and Hatakeshwar is the god. In the Skandpurana, a man is benefited if he worships Hatkeshwar. Each and every Nagar family lives in close proximity to a Hatkeshwar temple. However, the biggest Hatkeshwar temple is at Vadnagar where the folklore goes that Lord was upset that the community of dwellers built a wall around the town to escape from the Muslim invaders. But in their act they left the Hatkeshwar temple outside. Infuriated, the Lord cursed the community saying that they would always stay out of Vadnagar. Since then no Nagar family has been able to permanently settle in Vadnagar. The Jamnagar Hatkeshwar Mahadev temple was established by the Nagar community about 80 years ago in the Hawai chowk area of Jamnagar on the day of Chaitra Sud Chaudas.