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Temple – Hutheesing Jain Temple
Hutheesing Mandir, Ahmedabad, has all that a 21 century city can offer: current foundation, network and various social fortunes as journals of the past. The Hutheesing Jain temple was worked in 1848 A.D., at an expected expense of Rs.10 lakhs, by a rich dealer Sheth Hutheesing as a commitment to the fifteenth Jain Tirthankar, Sri Dharmanatha. The legend goes that Sheth Hutheesing's subsequent spouse kicked this temple off when Sheth had fallen genuinely sick. She needed to have a part of the temple worked before Sheth's downfall and hence began with the base temple, which has two sub-holy places. The other piece of the temple alongside the figures and rock carvings were done later. Sheth kicked the bucket even before the temple was finished however it was as yet named after him. This Jain temple, with Jina Dharmanatha as the key god, was acknowledged in two years. About the Temple Known as perhaps the best temple in Ahmedabad, Hutheesing Temple grandstands the excellent culture of the Jain religion. The temple has totally been made with white marble, which is known to be heavenly for the Jain aficionados. The inside of the temple is loaded up with wonderful hand carvings, which makes it look delightful during the evening. Alongside this, there are additionally 52 unmistakable sub-holy places present here, which are committed to various Tirthankars, including Dharamanath. To savor its real appeal, make a point to visit this temple during Mahavir Jayanti Festival. Nonetheless, prior to visiting the temple, try to wear conventional dresses to stay away from any sort of burden.