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Temple – Jalaram Mandir
There are endless Parcha (experience) about the significance of Saint Shree Jalaram Bapa. Shree Bapa had returned the birds which were kept in a sack by the Arabs. Arabs were amazed and acknowledged that they were before an extraordinary heavenly individual. Shree Bapa had saved the existence of the child of a Muslim thus even Muslim fans called Shree Bapa " Jalla so Allah kahevay! At an at once, to test Shree Bapa and came in type of old Sadhu and requested to send Virbai to serve him. In the wake of talking with VirbaiMa, Shree Bapa sent VirbaiMa with Sadhu. Subsequent to strolling a few miles, Sadhu requested that VirbaiMa sit tight for him yet Sadhu didn't return. Yet, VirbaiMa heard Akashwani referencing that it was only the trial of you and Shree Bapa, if it's not too much trouble, take Jholi and Dhoko to your home. This Jholi and Dhoko are introduced at Virpur Temple with Ram Darbar as Prasadi from Supreme Lord. Another accepted is Ma Devi Ganga and the Yamuna themselves went to the home of Jalaram Bapa and fill the water each day. Indeed, even today itself Devotees of the Shree Bapa feel the Parch of Shree Bapa differently. Heaps of Devotees noticed quick and visit the temple on Thursday. About the Temple Virpur, the modest community close to Gondal in Rajkot locale is turned out to be extremely celebrated across the world after the introduction of the holy person Jalaram Bapa . Jalaram Mandir is home spot of Saint Jalaram Bapa and amazingly well known for its sadavrat of Prasad Khichadi-Kadhi since 200 years ceaselessly at Annkshetra – Bhojanalaya in templegrounds where fan can take prasad at lunch and supper time. This is the only temple cross the world which isn't accepting  any sort of gift since year 2000 and offer Prasad of Khichdi and Kadhi to every one of the aficionados, destitute individuals and vacationer multiple times each day at liberated from cost. Just about 10000 individuals take this Prasadi ordinary, what a holy Temple!