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Temple – Khijda Temple
Khijada temple is known as Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham, situated in focal point of Jamnagar, established by Nijanand Swami Shri Devchandreji the previous Achraya of Shri Krishna Pranami organization in 1630. Accordingly, this spot is the establishing site of the Pranami group which advances solidarity of all religion. Prior this holy spot was a nursery, when Shri Devchandraji came here and took a little twig of Khijda tree to wash teeth and afterward tearing into two and planted them into ground. After time spent these developed into two major Khijada tree. However both of these trees are joined to the primary mass of the hallowed place even after around 400 years. This is the means by which this establishment temple of Krishna Pranami group has been mainstream as Khijada temple from one side of the planet to the other. Jamunaji Kuvo a well is another heavenly place in the temple grounds, it is accepted that water of blessed stream Yamuna was overwhelmed here. Today there are around 600 temples of Krishna Pranami order all throughout the planet where loads of enthusiast and supporters perform love. Lambha is consider as a piece of Ahmedabad City since 2007, preceding this it is consider as country territory or edge of Ahmedabad. Lambha is exceptionally celebrated in Ahmedabad and whole Gujarat for Baliyadev Mandir or Baliyakaka Mandir or Lambha Mandir committed to Lord Baliyadev. Baliyabapa temple additionally acclaimed as Lambha temple was built in 1996 and furthermore popular as Nava Baliyakaka Temple. A huge number of Devotee and traveler visit this blessed spot consistently and explicitly on Sunday and celebration days. Bundi is the celebrated Prasad in temple and numerous aficionados visits this spot with hand crafted food and went through entire day in temple grounds during the Lambha temple timings from morning to evening. It is additionally incredible significance to eat Thandu Food in temple grounds on Sunday and Tuesday.