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Temple – Khodaldham Mandir
Committed to Maa Khodiyar, the establishment stone fo r the temple was laid in the year 2012 and was opened for the general population in 2017. Worked by Shri Kodhaldham Trust of Leuva Patel people group, Shree Khodaldham Temple is one of the biggest complete Hindu Temples, measures 299 feet in length and 135 feet high. The temple houses the icons of Maa Khodiyar alongside Maa Amba, Maa Bahuchar, Maa Verai, Maa Mahakali, Annapurna, Gaurtal, Randal, Butbhavani, Momai, Chamunda and Shihori. About the Temple Khodaldham has a particular architecture that shows the custom of Leuva Patel people group. Its interesting architecture  and otherworldly atmosphere make this temple an absolute necessity visit for the enthusiasts just as travelers. Other than Khodaldham, one can likewise visit the temples of Shri Mahadeva, Shri Ram Darbar, Shri Radhakrishna, Shri Shrinathaji, Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanuman in Khodaldham temple complex. There is a major nursery adjacent to the temple kept up by the backwoods division, housed with numerous plants both restorative, and blooming. The temple specialists additionally give battery worked vehicles to senior residents. Also, reward slows down external the temple provide snacks and loca food items. Building a Khodaldham temple that represents the solidarity of the whole Leuva Patel people group came to Nareshbhai Patel in 2002. At the point when Shivotri Wadi of Nareshbhai Patel was sitting for five or six companions, Nareshbhai Patel set his attention to the companions and said that a major Leva Patel society, a particularly incredible strength, the general public is dispersed.