Category: Makardhwaj hanuman(Hanuman Dandi)


Temple – Makardhwaj hanuman(Hanuman Dandi)
This temple is dedicated to the son of Lord Hanuman, Makardhwaja. The temple is 4 kms from bet Dwarka. It hosts both Lord Hanuman and his son Makardhwaja in a happy state without any arms in their hands. The legend has that Lord hanuman followed Ahirvaan, the king of Patallok to rescue Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. On the way, he was stopped by the King Ahirvaan’s loyal and strong Makardhwaja. Lord Hanuman defeated his son tied him and entered the Paatalok to free Ram and Laxman. Upon his return, he untied his son and declared him the King of Paatalok. Makardhwaja was believed to have been born out of the sweat of Lord Hanuman swallowed by a crocodile-like creature post the burning of Lanka.