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Temple – Mumba devi
 The Mumba Devi Temple was first inherent Bori Bunder in 1675. The temple was annihilated and recreated at Zaveri Bazaar, Bhuleshwar in 1737. Since old occasions, the Koli anglers and Dravidians offered their petitions to Mumbadevi at this temple and still keep on doing as such. As indicated by a legend, Mumbadevi, an eight-outfitted Goddess, was sent by 'Master Brahma' to vanquish an abhorrent evil spirit known as 'Mumbaraka', who threatened local people. After his loss, Mumbaraka groveled and asked the Goddess to take his name. He was likewise given the consent to assemble an excellent temple devoted to her. Consequently, the grand place of worship of Mumba Devi Temple was worked by Mumbaraka in the core of the city. Mumba Devi Temple is a prestigious old temple committed to 'Goddess Mumbadevi'. This excellent temple arranged in Mumbai was underlying the eighteenth century. The 'Koli' anglers or the early occupants of Mumbai incredibly regard and honor Goddess Mumbadevi and think about her as their watchman. Goddess Mumbadevi is perceived as 'Goddess Shakti' or the Goddess of Power. Today, this rich temple is sited in the midst of the jam-packed steel and fabric markets of Mumbai. Inside the jam-pressed Zaveri Bazaar, one can see the Mumba Devi Temple encompassed by a few blossom shops. Individuals go to the 'Aartis' in this temple that are directed in the mornings and nights. The Mumba Devi Temple is open on entire days with the exception of Mondays. Aside from the standard fans who run the temple, travelers from everywhere the world as well, come to appreciate this ravishing temple in Mumbai. Mumbai city gets its name from the Goddess Mumbadevi and thusly, this temple is really a significant design for the inhabitants of this excellent city. The design of Mumba Devi Temple is a superb sight for any individual who visits this hallowed place. The feature of the Mumba Devi Temple is the icon of Goddess Mumbadevi, enhanced with a silver crown, a brilliant neckband, and a nose stud. The symbol is put on a raised area, festooned with marigold blossoms. To represent Mother Earth, the icon of Mumbadevi has no mouth. Symbols of 'Hanuman' and 'Ganesh' are additionally positioned inside the temple complex. Different figures incorporate a stone symbol of 'Annapurna' situated on a peacock and a model of a wild tiger.