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Temple – Ram Mandir
A distance off of 1 km from Somnath Temple and 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Shree Ram Temple is a Hindu temple worked close to Triveni Sangam Ghat in the temple town of Somnath. It is one of the magnificent temples to visit in Somnath. Shree Ram Mandir is devoted to Lord Rama. The temple was worked by Shree Somnath Trust in 2017. The temple is the most up to date expansion to the variety of strict places in and around Somnath. The temple is agile and the sanctum has creative icons of Lord Rama, Sita Devi and Lord Lakshmana. There are additionally two scaled down holy places devoted to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh next to the sanctum. Every one of the symbols are made of marble. About the Temple Worked from Bansi Pahanpul pink stone, the Mandir has two stories. It has amphitheater and Kirtan lobby on the ground floor. It has likewise a venue with 260-280 seats in which the existence of Shri Ram will be introduced on enormous screen. The door of this temple is fit as a fiddle of Shri Ram's dhanushya. One can get a brief look at Somnath temple, Somnath coast, Trivei Sangam, Sun temple and Geeta temples from the overhang of the temple. One can likewise visit Shri Parshuram Temple inside the complex of Ram Mandir. The fundamental sanctorum has a dark Parshuram symbol holding a hatchet on his hand and is flanked by Kama and Kala on the two sides. There are different holy places of Ganesh, Hanuman and Maa Renuka here.