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Temple – Rudra Mahalay Temple
The Rudra Mahalaya temple also popular as Rudrmal is located on the bank of River Saraswati and at Siddhpur, one of the most ancient cities of Gujarat. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and probably the most important temple of Gujarat at that time of Chaulukya danasty. The construction of Rudra Mahalay was started in 10th century by King Mulraja and completed in around 12th century by King Jaysimha Siddharaja. As per the historical evidence, Rudra Mahalaya temple has three storeyed Shikhara, around 1600 pillars, 12 entrance, wide central assembly hall, porches on three side etc. It is believed that this temple was one of the best lavish temples during this time and having tallest pillar. This temple was destroyed by Allauddin Khilji and later Ahmad Shah, sultan of Gujarat. Then some of the part was converted in mosque of Siddhpur. Now a day, only fragments of this glorious temple remain including four pillars in north, five in eastern side, porches of three storyed Mandapa, four pillars behind Mandapa and Toran. Mughal attackers destroyed most of the part and some part converted in mosque. Tourist and devotee of Lord Shiva visits this temple throughout the year. The best to visit the temple is, during the Sidhpur Camel Festival in the Karthik month. They can feel the massive history of the temple with the celebratory features of the traditional fair in local styles.