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Temple – Rukmani Devi Temple
The temple is dedicated to the wife of LordKrishna, Goddess Rukmani. She is believed to be the reincarnation of the goddess Laxmi. The temple itself is said to be 2500 years old with reconstruction of its mandala and some areas over a period of time. The beautiful architecture is adorned with paintings of Krishand Rukmini. The temple is also known as the Dwarkadish temple.The legend has, once Sage Durvasa expressed his wish to visit the Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukinins house for meal. His condition was that the cart he rides on should not be pulled by any animal but the divine pair themselves. While pulling the chariot the goddess felt thirty and expressed it to the lord, who instantly with his foot stuck the earth and the river Ganga sprung from the ground. Rukmini took the first sip before offering it to the Sage, hence angering him. Annoyed by her act he cursed her separation from her beloved husband. Thus stands the temple away from the Jagat Temple of the Lord Krishna. Here people donate water considering it very important even as per the legend.