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Temple – Saptashrungi Nashik
Saptashrungi or Saptashringi Temple is a renowned traveler place for Hindus. This strict spot is arranged in a little town, Kalwan taluka Nanduri close to Nashik. This town is situated in the territory of Maharashtra, India. Saptashringi Temple is situated away from 60 km from Nashik. The temple is popular in Maharashtra as the 'Three and a half Shakti Peeth'. As indicated by Hindu practices, the goddess Saptashringi occupant is situated inside seven mountain tops. Sapta implies seven and Shrung implies top. Can be arrived at the Saptashringi Devi Temple by the steps, complete advances is 510. The maintenance work of noticing the temple is finished by Shri Saptashringa Nivasini Devi Trust. Saptashringi is a mountain with seven slopes and this spot of Goddess is encircled by these slopes. Which is called locally Ghads. The normal stature of the pinnacles is around 4500 feet. Saptashringi Temple is one of the 51 Siddhapeetha. The goddess of this temple is additionally called the goddess of seven slopes. Regular enthusiasts come from everywhere India for the Darshan of Mother Saptashrungi Devi. During the celebration of Navratri, an enormous number of individuals visit the temple for Goddess favoring. As per folklore, Devi Sati gave Her life by bouncing into the fire of the Havan coordinated by her dad King Daksheshwara. At the point when Lord Shiva was running moving around the universe conveying Her dead body in His grasp at that point, Lord Vishnu cut Her body into 51 sections utilizing His Sudarshan Chakra. Out of the 51 sections, the correct hand of Devi Sati fell at this spot. It is such a legend that while breaking a colony by an aficionado, he had seen this icon of Goddess. The sculpture of this goddess, arranged in the mountain, is eight feet high. It has eighteen arms. Goddess has taken arms in all hands, which the divine beings had given them to battle the Mahishasura beast. Among them, the harpoon of Shankar, Chakra of Vishnu, the conch of Varuna, the fire of fire god, the bow-bolt of the air god, the roar of the Indra, the discipline of the yama, the sparkle of Daksha Prajapati, the Kamandala of Brahma, the beams of the sun god, the sword of the fleeting Goddess Loss of Kshirsagar, Kundal, and Kadha, Vishwakarma's sharp prashu and Armor, Kamalah of the ocean, Sinhavahan and Gems of Himalaya.