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Temple – Shamlaji Mandir
Lord Vishnu is venerated at this ancient temple of Shamlaji situated on the banks of the river Meshwo. An ancient shrine built more than 500 years ago, it has carved stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata on its pillars. The black representation of Vishnu, also known as Sakshi Gopal or Gadhadar is worshiped here. Here even idols of cows are worshiped depicting the lord’s childhood as a cowherd. Shamlaji is an important pilgrimage point for Vaishnavites in India. There are three legends leading to the temple, one each from Brahma who performed a 1000 year penance for lord Vishnu to manifest and enshrine. The second being Lord Vishwakarma who built the temple overnight and left it there. Third legend says, an Adivasi ploughing his land found Shamlaji’s idol and a Vaishnav merchant built the temple which was later beautified by many business people.