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Temple – Shani Shingnapur
Shani Mandir is one of the principal temples of Hindus. This temple is situated in Shinganapur town, Ahmednagar region, Maharashtra, India. This spot is one of the principal journey locales of Hindus. Shinganapur is 35 km away from Ahmednagar city. Shinganapur town is otherwise called Lord Shani lodging place. The divinity here is "Swayambhu" that is self-risen up out of the earth in the type of dark, forcing stone. The symbol of Lord Shani is 5 feet 9 inches high and 1 foot 6 inches wide. There is no reason for the Shan Devi icon. This icon is under an open sky on a square marble. Here there is radiant, octahed fire, burn from the sun, tempest, or downpour, remaining in all seasons without holding a rooftop. It is accepted that the temple is called 'Jagat Devasthan', which implies that Lord Shani actually lives in this temple. In this temple, the icon of God Shani Devi is special dark in shading. There is no evident data about the time of this symbol. It is accepted that it is in presence since the start of Kali Yuga. It is accepted that oneself selected Shani sculpture was found by the near by's shepherds themselves.