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Temple – Shaturanjay Maha Tirth
Shatrunjaya are slopes situated by the city of Palitana, in Bhavnagar area, Gujarat, India. They are arranged on the banks of the Shetrunji River at a height 164 feet (50 m) above ocean level. These slopes have similitude to different slopes where Jain temples have been inherent Bihar, Gwalior, Mount Abu and Girnar. The Jain's sacrosanct slope of Shatrunjaya have 865 temples on itself. The slopes were blessed when Rishabha, the first tirthankara of Jainism, gave his first message on the highest point of this slope. The old history of the slopes is additionally followed to Pundarika Swami, a boss Ganadhara and grandson of Rishabha, who accomplished Nirvana/Moksha here. His place of worship situated inverse to the principle Adinath temple, worked by Son of Rishabha, Bharata. There are a few substitute spellings, including Śatruñjaya, Satrunjaya, Shetrunja, and Shetrunjo. Shatrunjaya was otherwise called Pundarikgiri as Pundarik was said to have accomplished nirvana on this mountain. Alternate names incorporate Siddhakshetra or Siddhanchal as numerous Thirtankaras have gotten illumination here