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Temple – Shree Hanuman Temple
Ruler Hanuman is considered as perhaps the main character who bears the most elevated good according to the otherworldly confidence in India.The temple was worked during Mughal realm time. The picture of this temple is supposed to be amazing to such an extent that a simple glance at it by individuals influenced by detestable spirits drives the insidious spirits out individuals. Presently, this memorable temple is remembered for perhaps the most strict vacationer places in Gujarat. Hanuman Jayanti and Kali Chaudas are the greatest occasion in this temple. The temple is visited by a great many guests each Tuesday and Saturday. About the Temple SDuring mughal realm, when Alauddin Khilji assaulted on Patan, at that point King of Patan, Saghala went into the woods of Devgarh. Creature herders used to result in these present circumstances woods for nibbling the cows. Consistently, one cow used to get isolated from the group and drop the milk at one spot. At evening it used to return and join the group once more. This matter was educated to the lord by cowherds. Ruler thought for quite a while and accepted counsel from his pastors. From that point forward, he uncovered that spot and discovered the icon of Hanumanji from the spot. At that point he did the Yajna and blessed the icon of Dabhodiya Hanumanji at this spot. From there on, the town became to be known as "Dabhoda" and this temple appeared.