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Temple – Shri Ranchodraiji Maharaj
Built it the 18th century and worshiped by the Vaishnaivite. Ranchhodraiji is believed and worshiped as a form of Lord Vishnu. This temple is one of the five major pilgrimage sites. It is also known as the Major hub for the trading of puja materials. The temple was established by Bodana, a great devotee of Lord Krishna. As per the legend in his previous birth, he was a cowherd and lived in Gokul. All the cowherds except him were devotees of Lord Krishna. One Holi day all worshiped the lord but the cowherd sent his friend who was actually Lord Krishna in disguise. On realizing his mistake he asked for forgiveness. Lord Krishna took pity and granted him a boon that the cowherd will be born again in Gujarat after 4200 years. Thus was born Vijayanand Bodana and established the deity and the temple. There is another folklore to how the temple was founded among the many. The main festivals when devotees flock to the temple are Krishna Janmotsav, Holi, Nath Yatra, Diwali, Tulsi Vivah, Navratra to name a few.