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Temple – Swaminarayan Mandir Mumbai
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Mumbai a Hindu temple (Mandir) and a piece of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. .This Swaminarayan Temple is situated in the Bhuleshwar space of Mumbai and is the most seasoned Swaminarayan Mandir in Mumbai, being over 100 years old. The present Mandir has a tri-tower structure and the Murtis introduced are that of Laxminarayan Dev with Ghanshyam Maharaj, and Radha Krishna Dev with Hari Krishna Maharaj. In this temple, Radha Krishna are adored as Radha Golokvihari as they are the inhabitants of Goloka. It is a Shikharband Mandir and goes under the Laxminarayan Dev Gadi (Vadtal). This temple is one of numerous in the Bhuleshwar region that prompted the introduction of Phool Galli (or blossom market) in Bhuleshwar because of the popularity of blossoms in these temples. On Vaishakh Shukla Ekadashi, 1868, Ranchhoddas Pranjeevandas fabricated the first historically speaking Shree Swaminarayan temple in Mumbai by breaking and reconstructing his own residence.[5] The gods of Hari Krishna Maharaj, Gaulokvihari and Radhika were instated by Acharya Maharaj Bhagwatprasadji Maharaj.