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Temple – Swaminaryan Temple Bhuj
This mandir goes under the Narnarayan Dev Gadi. Senior enthusiasts Gangarambhai jethi Sundarjibhai, Jigneshwarbhai and others from the Bhuj locale of Kutch went to Gadhada where God Swaminarayan was going to a Fuldol celebration. Around there, the aficionados of Bhuj met Swaminarayan and mentioned him to develop a temple in Bhuj God Swaminarayan requested Vaishnavananand Swami to continue with a group from the holy people to Bhuj and build a temple. Vaishnavanand Swami and the going with holy people went to Bhuj in 1822, set up camp at the spot adjoining the place that is known for temple drew plans of the temple, intricate, executed the plans with minute subtleties and inside a limited ability to focus one year, they constructed a temple home of NarNarayan DevSS Satsang in the Kutch locale was spread by Late Guru Ramanand Swami. He continually visited Bhuj and different spots in Kutch. God Swaminarayan had graced this temple in the western belt of India and had himself introduced the symbols of Narnarayan dev and his own structure - Harikrishna Maharaj was introduced in focal sanctum sanctorum of the temple by Acharya Ayodyaprashadji Maharaj. Other than these indications of God at the focal vault there under the eastern arch, are situated RadhaKrishna Dev, Harikrishna Maharaj and in the western arch Ghanshyam Maharaj. Roop Chowki - the fundamental square of the inward temple-houses the pictures of Ganapati and Hanuman