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Temple – Vithoba Pandharpur
The Vithoba temple is a Hindu temple situated in Pandharpur in the Indian territory of Maharashtra. The Vithoba temple is formally known as the Sri Vitthal-Rukmini temple. The name of this temple comes in the popular temples of Maharashtra. This temple is totally devoted to Lord Shri Vishnu. The principal divinity of this temple is the type of Lord Shri Vishnu called Vithoba. Vithoba is considered as a statement of Lord Shri Krishna. A few icons can be found in this temple alongside Sri Vithoba with his better half Rukmini. The temple of Lord Shree Ganesh, Garuda, and Hanuman is additionally settled in the Vithoba temple. It likewise has hallowed places for Rukmini Devi, Satyabhama Devi, Radhika Devi, Lord Narasimha, Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Nagaraja, Annapurna Devi. Portions of the temple date to the twelfth or thirteenth century, the current construction being essential of the seventeenth century or later, and mirror the later Deccan style, with domed themes and lobed curves. How Vithoba came to Pandharpur is known through a story in which Pundalik is significant. Pundalik was the lone child of his folks Janudev and Satyavati. Who lived in a woods called Dandirvan. Pundalik used to abuse his folks after his marriage. At some point, his folks needed to go to Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva, as a result of his awful conduct, however, his child Pundalik came to know. Pundalik likewise chose to go with his folks to Kashi. All through the way, Pundalik kept on making trouble with his folks. While in transit to Kashi was the ashram of sage Kukkutaswamy. Pundalik chose to remain in this ashram. An episode occurred with Pundalik in the night which caused him to understand the act mischievously he had with his folks. He started to serve his folks. Master Shri Krishna stepped through the examination of Pundalik. While Pundalik was taking care of his folks, Lord Krishna came outside his home. Pundalik felt the presence of Lord Krishna. In any case, he didn't go out until he had taken care of his folks. Ruler Krishna was extremely satisfied with this work and requested that Pundalik request a shelter. Pundalik mentioned Lord Shri Krishna to remain in Pandharpur and offer gifts to genuine lovers. At that point, Lord Shri Krishna acknowledged this living as Vithoba structure.